The inquiry and action mindset can be nurtured through the climate and the culture of the classroom.

PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: Classroom walls (including “digital classroom walls”): Inspirational words can motivate students to make a difference. For example, attached are free printable posters. Of course, decorations should complement the other classroom practices and messages. The messages displayed should also “live” via the practices of the class.

CURIOSITY: Ask students what they are curious about. Curiosity is an essential driver of learning. Allow students to forge a learning path based on personal curiosity. What do they want to know? What do they want to ask?

COLLABORATION: Encourage community spirit by expecting students to share their interests and questions with one another. Devote time to sharing updates and to allowing students to help one another–by providing feedback or other ideas.

PLAY: Play is an essential ingredient of learning and achievement. Nurture a playful environment in which students can have fun at the same time as they learn.

DREAMS and PURPOSE: Allow students to dream–to express big goals and aspirations. These dreams can include goals for contributing to the world. What problem would you like to help solve? Dreaming is not the same time as being held accountable. Dreams, like curiosity, drive life & learning forward.

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